Takuya Tsuzuki

Australian National University, Australia


Takuya Tsuzuki received a Ph.D. degree in condensed matter physics from Kyoto University, Japan, and a graduate certificate in technology management from La Trobe University, Australia. He has nearly 20 years of research experience in the synthesis, characterization, and applications of nanoparticulate materials. Previously, he was involved in the development of large-scale production of metal oxide nanoparticles and their commercial applications in a nanotechnology company as a Chief Technology Officer. Currently, he serves as the Chair of Materials Australia Nanotechnology Special Interest Group at Materials Australia. He is also nominated as a Certified Materials Practitioner by Materials Australia for the recognition of his expertise in nanoparticulate materials. His research interest includes functional nanoparticulate materials, green nanomaterials, mechanochemistry, and photocatalysis.

Biography Updated on 31 January 2012

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