Christian Q. Scheckhuber

Senckenberg Research Institute, Germany


User Biography : Dr Christian Scheckhuber While undertaking his Ph.D. degree studies, Christian Q. Scheckhuber investigated the impact of cellular copper homeostasis on mitochondrial function, scavenging of reactive oxygen species, and ageing in the fungal model organism Podospora anserina. He contributed to studies involved in the characterisation of the respiratory chains of P. anserina wildtype and a long-lived mutant by applying proteomic techniques like blue native PAGE, isoelectric focussing, and enzymatic measurements to determine respiratory super-complex assemblies. He was part of a proteomics project which identified a number of mitochondrial proteins differentially synthesized in juvenile or senescent P. anserina strains. Dr. Scheckhuber characterised the mitochondrial division regulating gene PaDnm1 in P. anserina and subsequently elucidated the impact of mitochondrial dynamics on organismal ageing. He could show that changing the balance between mitochondrial fusion and fission leads to dramatic changes of cellular viability.

Biography Updated on 23 July 2014

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