Duk Yong Choi

Laser Physics centre/The Australian National University, Australia

Duk Yong Choi serves as a Fellow at the Laser Physics Centre in the Australian National University. He has been a Member of CUDOS (Centre for Ultrahigh Bandwidth Devices in Optical System) program since 2005. In the program, his role was to develop the fabrication process of nonlinear optic devices utilizing chalcogenide glass films and to study the structural, optical, and electrical properties of the materials. Recently, his research has extended to silicon photonics germanium photodetector monolithically integrated with silicon nanowire on silicon-on-insulator platform. Before joining the team, Choi worked at Samsung Electronics for 6 years as a Researcher. He got his Ph.D. degree in 1998 from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in Seoul National University of Technology, Republic of Korea. His current research interest focuses on the characterization of optical material and fabrication of relevant devices.

Biography Updated on 28 September 2011

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