Merieme Chadid

Nice Sophia Antipolis University, France

Born in Casablanca Morocco, Merieme Chadid received undergraduate studies at the University of Casablanca and her PhD in Astronomy and Space from University Paul Sabatier, France in 1996. She completed several executive education programs from Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University . Dr. Chadid was one of pioneering astronomers helped in installing the Very Large Telescope VLT, in the Atacama desert in Chile. Soon after getting a current position as Astronomer and lecturer at University of Nice Sophia­ Antipolis and Côte d'Azur Observatory in 2003, she have performed scientific expeditions in the heart of Antarctica continent in order to install a large observatory. She is pioneering and coordinator of many Space and ground astronomical programs and member of prestigious societies of Space and Astronomy. Merieme has been honoured "Young Global Leader" since 2008 by the World Economic Forum and "Science Hero" in 2010 by My Hero. Forbes Magazine placed her as one of the 30 most amazing workers in the list of workspaces of the famous and the fascinating people in the world. Her specific skills are, Research in Stellar Pulsation & Evolution, Hydrodynamic phenomena, Physics of Shock Waves, multi-Methods & multi-Techniques of Observations, Concept of Instrumental development, Leadership of Space Scientific Programmes, Expeditions & Explorations, Lectures, Ph.D Students supervising and referee of A ranked reviews.

Biography Updated on 15 April 2013

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