Donatella Aldinucci

CRO Aviano National Cancer Institute, Italy

Education University : 1975-1982: University of Florence, Florence (ITALY); Graduated in Biology Post Graduate studies : 1995-1998: University of Naples , Naples (ITALY); specialized in Clinical Pathology Professional profile. She has been involved in the field of biology of hemopoietic neoplasms since 1989. After a post-doctoral laboratory training at the University of Florence (Patologia Generale and Clinica Medica IV), in 1990 the PI established her own research activities at the C.R.O of Aviano, IRCCS, in Clinical and Experimental Hematology Research Unit (16 years) and now she is biologist Dirigente I livello in Experimental Oncology 2. Recent research interests The principal interest is the pathobiology of Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) and in particular the tumor microenvironment. She started to study Hodgkin lymphoma from 1993 and published 19 papers (including 4 reviews) regarding the argument. Now she is studying the functional role of IRF4 and Flt-3 receptor as expressed by HRS cells and she is starting to study the interaction between MSC and HRS cells. Moreover, she is also interested in tumor microenvironment of solid malignancies. Recently she published papers regarding the involvement of EGFR in bone metastasis formation. Now she is studying the cross-talk between prostate cancer and Mesenchymal stem cells mediated by EGF. She is also interested in the preclinical activity of new non-platinum antitumor drugs, gold(III)-dithiocarbamato derivatives. Now she is studying gold(III) compounds in both prostate and ovary cancer and Hodgkin lymphoma.

Biography Updated on 30 December 2013

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