Eric Ober

Rothamsted Research, United Kingdom

Eric Ober is a Crop Physiologist and Agronomist, leading the Crop Productivity Group at Broom's Barn Research Centre, Rothamsted Research, UK. Previously, he was a Research Fellow in the Plant Science Unit at the University of Missouri, after receiving a Ph.D. degree from Cornell University in 1990. Research interests focus on understanding the physiological adaptations of plants to drought, and how this information can be used to improve drought tolerance and water use efficiency in crops, with emphasis on wheat and sugar beet. One key area is identifying superior germplasm under field conditions using advanced phenotyping techniques. Research is initiated and funded almost entirely by industry partners. His past work involved studying the role of drought-induced abscisic acid in regulating maize endosperm development and cell division, kernel growth, and genes for carbohydrate metabolism and storage proteins. Further studies were on the role of ABA in regulating maize root growth maintenance, osmotic adjustment, and signaling changes in rhizosphere water availability at the membrane level. Root tissue OO2 relations were also studied by developing an OO2 microsensor. His expertise is in the areas of crop physiology, plant water relations, regulation of growth and grain development during water deficit, and hormonal regulation of root growth and osmotic adjustment.

Biography Updated on 6 December 2011

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