Janusz M. Bujnicki

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland


I have two laboratories: one in Warsaw at the IIMCB (http://iimcb.genesilico.pl/), and one in Poznan, at the Adam Mickiewicz University (http://bioinformatics.amu.edu.pl/index_.html). The laboratory in IIMCB is multidisciplinary and comprises three sections, devoted to: development of bioinformatic methods and databases, application of computational tools to study particular macromolecules, and experimental research on protein-nucleic acid interactions. The laboratory in Poznan is focused on theoretical research (mostly databases of nucleic acid metabolism and modeling of protein-nucleic acid complexes). We have developed software tools for protein structure prediction, including the GeneSilico meta-server (https://iimcb.genesilico.pl/meta2/) for protein 3D structure prediction, and TOOLKIT (https://iimcb.genesilico.pl/toolkit/), a set of online tools for generation, validation and experimental probing of structural models. On the RNA side, we developed the first database of RNA modification pathways MODOMICS (http://iimcb.modomics.genesilico.pl/). My current interests include studying metabolism of nucleic acids, in particular analyzing pathways of RNA processing, DNA repair, editing, and degradation, modeling of protein-nucleic acid complexes (especially for large macromolecular machines comprising multiple subunits), we are also developing our own tools for structure prediction of RNA and protein-RNA complexes. From the experimental side, we are involved in characterizing new enzymes involved in RNA modification (validation of our predictions made with bioinformatics) and in designing and engineering various enzymes with new functions (e.g. nucleases with new substrate specificities)

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