Xiaoying Li

The University of Birmingham, United Kingdom


Xiaoying Li holds a Ph.D. degree in metallurgy and materials, 1999, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK, and a B.S. degree in materials science and engineering, 1983, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China. Since 1998, he serves as a Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK. From 1988 to 1993, Li worked as a Lecturer at East China University of Technology, Shanghai, China. His expertise and research Interests include advanced surface engineering technologies: novel thermal oxidation/ceramic conversion, oxygen diffusion deep-case hardening, duplex treatments, nanocomposite coatings, and plasma surface modification (PI3, active screen plasma); surface engineering design: duplex and multilayer surface system design, contact mechanics of multilayered materials, and simulation of surface engineering processes; biomedical, sport, and functional materials: austenitic stainless steel, Ti alloys, Co-Cr alloys, UHMWPE, and Ti-Ni shape memory alloys; tribology and corrosion of surface engineered materials: friction control, rolling/sliding wear, fretting wear, electrochemical corrosion, oxidation, and corrosion wear; materials characterisation: XRD, SEM, TEM, GDOES, XPS, and nanoindentation. Li received Visiting Professorship from Xinan Jiaotong University and Ningbo University of Technology; Honorary Research Fellowship from the University of Birmingham, 1994-1995; Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS), CVCP, UK, 1996–1999; and 2nd Prize from 1998 Bodycote International Prize Paper Competition. He was the Chairman of the Association of Chinese Materials in UK (2004–2006) and serves as an Editorial Coordinator for the Journal of Surface Engineering since 2007.

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