Mauro Risio

Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment, Italy

Mauro Risio was born in Cigliano, Italy, in 1955. He received his M.D. degree summa cum laude in 1978 from the University of Turin and subsequently specialized in pathology and hematology. He has been working as the Director of the Division of Pathology at the Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment since 1999. Previously, he served as an Assistant Pathologist (1979–1985) and as the Vice Director (1986–1993) of the Department of Pathology at San Giovanni Vecchio Hospital, Turin, and he worked as the Director of the Surgical Pathology Service at San Lazzaro Hospital, Alba (1994–1999). He served as a Visiting Professor at the Department of Pathology at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY, USA, in 1995. He has been a Senior Scientist and a Professor of experimental pathology at the Strang Cancer Center, Cornell, and Rockefeller University, NY, USA, since 1996. Most of his scientific activity is related to the pathobiology of premalignant colorectal lesions. Morphogenesis of adenomas and early colorectal cancer has been investigated since 1982. He has supervised several international polycentric studies concerning the histological features of adenomas with invasive cancer and authored the most recent national and European guidelines for colorectal neoplasia pathological diagnosis. The laboratory research has been in the field of intermediate biomarkers in the GI tract and has been performed in the frame of the Chemoprevention Branch in the National Cancer Institute. His present research activity is focused on the relationships between morphological features of dysplasia and genomic changes in the early steps of human colorectal carcinogenesis. He has authored 120 full papers.

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