John E. Lamar

Lamar Engineering Consultantship, USA


John E. Lamar a has variety of experiences in aerodynamics from analytical and computational to wind-tunnel and flight, as well as that of technical lead during 43 years at NASA LaRC. He served as the Co-Chair of RTO AVT-113 task group (model vortical flows for military aircraft); Aerodynamic Sub-Team Leader at LaRC for X-37 Flight Sciences Working Group; Abrupt Wing Stall Program Member for the national program; Member of Level IV HSR Configuration Aerodynamics Wind-Tunnel-Test (WTT) Team; PI for the F-16XL Flight Project for HSR programme and for the Cranked Arrow Wing Aerodynamics Project (CAWAP); Member of F-106B Vortex Flap team; participated in the preparations for the Vortex-Flap experiment, and was the PI on the baseline aircraft. Lamar sponsored the development of the rotating light-sheet vapor-screen technique and took it from being only one for qualitative flow study to one yielding quantitative results. He was also an Aerodynamic Group Leader for the NASP Technical Analysis Team from 1988 to 1989 and a Vortex Flow Group Leader: led a group of 10 civil servants, contractors, and graduate students with a view toward exploring the various features of vortical flows. Out of this came the F-106B Flow-Visualization flight and the Vortex-Flap flight experiments. Lamar obtained his Ph.D. degree in A.E. from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA, in 1972; M.S. degree in A.E. from The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, USA, in 1963; B.S. degree in A.E. and a B.S. degree in M.E. from The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, USA, in 1962. He has one patent, won the AIAA Aerodynamics Award in 1983 and the International Cooperation Award in 2009, and was the Dr. Hugh L. Dryden Memorial Fellowship recipient from 1989 to 1990. He presented The Lanchester Memorial Lecture for the RAeS in London in 2011. He is a former Adjunct Professor at the Tomas Nelson Community College, George Washington University, and Old Dominion University for aerodynamics and fluids courses and an AIAA Associate Fellow.

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