Florence Faure

Institut Curie, France

Florence Faure studied in Paris. She got her M.S. degree in immunology from the University Paris VI and Pasteur Institute in 1985 and her Ph.D. degree from the University Paris VI in 1989. During her PhD in Villejuif, France, she was involved in the very early description of the TCR ?/d human T-lymphocyte subset. She described molecular, phenotypical, and functional differences among ?/d T lymphocytes circulating in human blood. Her research on MHC-independent target cell/T lymphocyte interactions led her to start the analysis of CD1/TCR molecular interactions both in France and in the UK (in the Laboratory of Pr Cesar Milstein, LMB, Cambridge). At the beginning of the 90s, she described for the first time the negative regulatory role of CD223 molecule in APC/CD4 lymphocytes interaction. She then started to study cancer immune response, in melanoma and breast cancer. She pointed out the bias using in vitro culture both for T cells and tumor cells analyses. For a melanoma patient, she characterized the tumor infiltrating lymphocytes and described the large repertoire of tumor specificities among CD8 T cells concomitantly with the local expansion of some given tumor-specific T-cell clone. In collaborative works, she also characterized the molecular basis of differences between primary and metastatic cell lines for T-cell recognition and cytotoxicity. Faure is now studying in Institut Curie, Paris, the characteristics of cross-presentation required for an efficient induction of tumor immune response.

Biography Updated on 4 October 2011

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