Pashtoon M. Kasi

University of Iowa, USA


Pashtoon M. Kasi, M.D., M.S. is physician scientist/medical oncologist with a focus on gastrointestinal malignancies. Primarily the focus areas of research of Dr. Kasi has been on colorectal cancers, liquid biopsies (circulating tumor DNA – ctDNA testing), BRCA/DNA-repair and pharmacogenomics (PGx). He trained in medicine at the University of Pittsburgh and his oncology/hematology training at Mayo Clinic. Currently he is faculty at the University of Iowa. In research, clinical trials and in practice, Dr. Kasi has been focusing on integrating the use of ctDNA and PGx testing. This has allowed for rapid, dynamic and noninvasive identification of mutational changes in a particular patient's tumor, allowing for therapy to be individualized as the tumor evolves. Clinical trials incorporating liquid biopsy platforms are under development as an outcome from these efforts. Furthermore, he has been not only incorporating tumor-related genetic aberrations into consideration for the patients he treats but also PGx testing to limit potential toxicities. This further helps personalize their care. A lot of his publications have focused on advancing care and research for patients with colorectal cancers, in particular for the individuals with young-onset colorectal cancers. From an academic standpoint, Dr. Kasi has been active in peer-review as well as numerous editorial responsibilities in leading journals. He also has authored numerous book chapters including a book titled, “Research: What, Why and How? A Treatise from Researchers to Researchers”. Twitter: @pashtoonkasi

Biography Updated on 7 March 2019

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