Sergej Osinsky

Inst. exp. Pathol. Oncol. Radiobiol., NASU, Ukraine


Sergej Osinsky received an M.D. degree (1969); a Ph.D. degree (1973); a D.S. degree in medicine (1987). He is a Professor of medicine, specializing in oncology (1993). He is a Member (1997-1999) and Vice Chairman (since 1999) at the Specialized Council for Thesis Defense. He received R.E. Kavetsky Award in oncology. His areas of research are tumor pathophysiology, in particular metabolic microenvironment (oxygenation, glycolysis, tumor pH, and energy status); hypoxia and tumor stroma; hypoxia-associated molecular profile of tumors, in particular human gastric cancer; impact of hypoxia on malignant progression, in particular pathogenesis of minimal residual disease; search of markers for prognosis of minimal residual disease and tumor dormancy.

Biography Updated on 29 October 2013

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