Mingliang Wang

Henan University of Science and Technology, China

Since 2000, Professor,School of Mathematics & Statistics, Henan Univ of Sci & Tech, Luoyang, PR China. Research Focus: Nonlinear Evolution Equations & Soliton Theory;Awards: Award of Natural Science,Education Ministry,PR China (2006). Publications:Over 100 publications, this list only includes a part of them from recent years. 1 Mingliang Wang, Xiangzheng Li, Jinliang Zhang, The (G'/G)-expansion method and travelling wave solutions of nonlinear evolution equations in mathematical physics, Physics Letters A,2008,372:417-423 2 Mingliang Wang ,Jinliang Zhang, Xiangzheng Li, Applications of the (G'/G)-expansion to tavelling wave solutions of the Broer-Kaup and the approximate long water wave equations, Applied Mathematics and Computation,2008,206:321-326 3 Mingliang Wang, Xiangzheng Li , Jinliang Zhang, Sub-ODE method and solitary wave solutions of the higher order nonlinear Schrodinger equation , Physics Letters A,2007,363:96-101 4 Mingliang Wang, Xiangzheng Li, Jinliang Zhang, Various exact solutions of nonlinear Schrodinger equation with two nonlinear terms , Chaos ,Solitons & Fractals,2007, 31:564-601 5 Mingliang Wang, Xiangzheng Li, Exact solutions to double Sine-Gordon equation ,Chaos ,Solitons & Fractals, 2005, 27:477-486 6 Mingliang Wang, Xiangzheng Li, Applications of F-expansion to periodic wave solutions for a new Hamiltonian amplitude equation , Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 2005,24:1257-1268 7 Mingliang Wang,Xiangzheng Li, Extended F-expansion method and periodic wave solutions for the generalized Zakharov equations, Physics Letters A, 2005,343:48-54 Before 2000,Head of Math Dept(1992-1998),Lanzhou Univ,PR China; General Chair of Mat-h Society of Gansu Province (19931999); Editor of sponsored by China Math Society (1994-1999); Awards: Award of Sci & Tech, Gansu Province (1993, 1996, 1999).

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