Jingdong Yin

China Agricultural University, China

Jingdong Yin, Ph.D Associate Professor of Animal Science and Animal Nutrition MAFIC Faculty Fellow& State Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition Faculty Fellow College of Animal Science and Technology China Agricultural University No.2 West Road Yuanmingyuan, Beijing 100193, China Tel: 8610-62733590-1404; Fax: 8610-62733688 Email:yinjd@cau.edu.cn areas of expertise • Fat specific deposition and muscle development: Nutritional, biochemical, cellular development and genetic studies are undertaken to identify the major genes influencing the fat specific deposition, to illustrate the mechanisms controlling the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into myogenic cells and adipogenic cells, and to elucidate mutual effect between nutrition and heredity during the fat deposition. • Molecular diagnosis of high intramuscular fat pigs : Based on polymorphism of the major genes or QTL influencing intramuscular fat content, our lab focuses on development and application of specific DNA-based assays for detection and identification of pigs with high intramuscular fat contents without the sacrifice of growth performance for improving the marbling score and then meat quality. Meanwhile, nutritional approaches are developed for modulating the fat deposit in swine. • Pork meat quality: using the nutritional genomics approaches to identify the molecular mechanisms involving controlling the traits of meat quality.

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