Francisca Puertas

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Spain

Francisca Puertas holds a Ph.D. degree. She serves as a Doctor in chemistry and Research Professor working at the Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Sciences (IETcc- Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas) since 1984. Her work has focused on the physical chemistry of cement manufacture, where she has studied and developed alternative, more energy-efficient manufacturing processes using or reusing industrial waste or byproducts as alternative materials. She has also been intensely involved in the development of new (alkali-activated) cements and concretes with improved properties, obtained under more favourable environmental conditions. She is presently also pursuing other lines of research, including the micro- and nanostructural characterization of cements and mortars, cement-organic admixture compatibility, and construction material durability. She has published over 120 scientific papers. She is presently Deputy Director of Eduardo Torroja Institute (IETcc).She served as a Member of the CSIC’s Materials Science and Technology Area Committee and the Standing Commission on Cement in Spain. Since 1996, she has served as Editor-in-Chief of Materiales de Construcción, an international scientific journal (indexed in the SCI) related to construction and building materials.

Biography Updated on 17 February 2011

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