Daniele Ritelli

Università di Bologna, Italy

Daniele Ritelli was born in Bologna, on March 7, 1960. He graduated cum laude in (pure) mathematics at Bologna University, Italy, on July 17, 1989, with a thesis entitled “ Variational methods for elliptic semilinear equations.” In 1992, he becomes a Contract Professor at the Statistical Science Faculty of Bologna University where he gives a course about the ordinary differential equations and their applications to social and economic contexts. Since June 1993, he has been a Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics of Bologna University. Confirmed in March 1997, his relevant and actual reference board is the Dipartimento di Matematica per le Scienze Economiche e Sociali. In 2003, he becomes an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics of Bologna University, confirmed in 2007. Since 2008, he has been a Reviewer for the American Mathematical Society. His research activity includes special function: gamma, beta, digamma and polygamma, hypergeometric functions and integrals, Appell functions, Lauricella functions, and elliptic functions and integrals; hyperelliptic integrals; closed form evaluation of definite integrals, by means of special functions; exact solutions of ordinary differential equations and boundary value problems; qualitative analysis of ordinary differential equations and symmetries of ordinary differential equations; and phase plane analysis, limit cycles, stability, mathematical modeling through nonlinear ordinary differential equations (e.g., population dynamics and epidemiology) dynamical economics and growth models, economic order quantity models for inventory optimization, minimum cost model in production planning, or other management models.

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