Peder Wolkoff

National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Denmark

Peder Wolkoff (PW) is professor in indoor environmental science at National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Denmark. Dr. Wolkoff received his M.Sc. degree in organic chemi¬stry from University of Copenhagen (1972). He worked as research assistant at Brock University, Ontario and returned to University of Copenhagen in 1974 and obtained a Ph.D. degree in organic chemi¬stry and mass spec¬trometry (1976). PW held a NATO Science Fellowship at Univer¬sity of Am¬ster¬dam and he was post doctoral fellow at Univer¬sity of Ottawa with mass spectro¬metry. He worked at Universi¬ty of Copen¬hagen as senior research scholar (1979-1982) and joined the National Institute of Occupa¬tional Health as a scien¬tist, senior scientist and project leader in 1990. PW obtained a doctoral of science degree in occupational medicine (D.Sc.Med.) in 1996 from University of Copenhagen. PW has been pioneer within product emission testing and development for the so-called “reactive chemistry hypothesis” in indoor environments by in vivo testing of the emissions and mixtures of chemicals for airway effects. His latest research is on the analysis of labile species and airway effects of ozone-initiated chemistry, including chemical and ultrafine particle emissions. Another research focus is the pathophysiological aspects of eye symptomatology in the office environment. PW has participated in several national projects and in international working groups. PW is technical assessor for Danish Accreditation of Laboratories. PW is elected member of The International Academy of Indoor Air Sciences and member of a number of advisory boards and scientific committees. PW has conducted a number of international courses and symposia about indoor air quality. Dr. Wolkoff is also national expert for the European Commission on indoor air quality issues.

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