John R. Akeroyd

University of Arkansas, USA


John R. Akeroyd obtained a Doctorate degree in mathematics from the Indiana University, IN, USA, in 1986. His thesis advisor was John B. Conway, and the topic of his thesis was concerning the density of the analytic polynomials in the Hardy spaces of bounded planar domains. Applications to certain Toeplitz operators were also mentioned. In the process he became quite familiar with harmonic measure for planar domains and estimates on its distribution. After finishing his work at the Indiana University in 1986, he was hired as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Arkansas. He has been at this university ever since (for over 25 years); currently as a Professor. Four students have obtained a Doctorate degree in mathematics under his direction (at the University of Arkansas), and a fifth is on the way. Over the years he has published papers on various Banach spaces of analytic functions (including the Hardy and Bergman spaces and general $P^t(\mu)$ spaces) and operators thereon, including the shift, the backward shift, and composition operators. He has continued to publish papers on harmonic measure and questions concerning its distribution. His work is largely function-theoretic, with applications to the operator theory.

Biography Updated on 4 November 2012

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