Brian J. Birch

University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom


Brian J. Birch was born in 1942. He gained a B.S. degree from the University of Liverpool and a Ph.D. degree from the University of London. Birch is a CChem and a FRSC. Professor Birch had a career of 28 years with the Unilever Research. The first 18 years were spent at the Port Sunlight Laboratory, where he worked on the fundamental physical chemistry of surfactant solutions, metal-ligand speciation, and analytical polarography. Novel sensing systems were developed (in collaboration with Emeritus Professor J. D. R. Thomas) for surfactant and calcium ions. In 1984, he transferred to the Unilever Colworth Laboratory to lead the electrochemistry team in their biosensor initiative. Using strip technology and constant volume devices, he invented and developed blood glucose and medical diagnostic biosensors as well as sensor systems for species in water, effluents, and foods. Work was also done on microfluidic-based devices. He joined the University of Luton (now Bedfordshire) in 1995 to become the New Business Manager and made innovative contributions to ongoing contract research projects. New projects were begun involving several new partners including Siemens, Yorkshire Water Kodak, LifeScan, and Unilever and Unipath—as well as gaining funding from EPSRC. Birch is an author/coauthor of approximately 70 published papers and approximately 30 granted patents. He has consultancies with major medical device, instrument, and sensor fabrication companies. Brian's Royal Society of Chemistry activities are as follows: he served three terms on RSC Analytical Division Council, was Theobald Lecturer, and served on panel of “The Future of Analytical Science.” Birch ' publication activities include the following: a Member of Editorial Board and referee for Talanta, a Member of Editorial Board and referee for Biosensors and Bioelectronics, a Referee for The Analyst, a Referee for Analytica Chimica Acta, a Referee for Chemical Communications, a Referee for Institute of Physics (Novel Materials), and a Referee for RSC Soft Matter Journal.

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