Carlo Baccigalupi

SISSA Astrophysics Sector, Italy

Carlo Baccigalupi is currently an Assistant Professor at SISSA/ISAS. He is a member of the Planck and EBEx cosmic microwave background (CMB) polarization experiment. In Planck, he is leading the working group on component separation, and in EBEx he is responsible for the control of the foreground polarized contamination to the CMB radiation. He is the author of about 40 papers on refereed international scientific review, on topics ranging from the theory of gravity to CMB data analysis. He is teaching linear cosmological perturbations and CMB anisotropies courses for the Astroparticle Ph.D. course at SISSA. He is involved in long-term international projects. The most important ones are the Long-term Space Astrophysics funded by NASA for the duration of five years, on component separation on COBE, WMAP, and future CMB experiments, and a one-year mercator professorship to be carried out in the University of Heidelberg in the academic year 2005/2006.

Biography Updated on 14 September 2005

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