Pascal Branchereau

INCIA - Université Bordeaux et CNRS - UMR 5287, France

- Allain A-E, Meyrand P and Branchereau P. Ontogenic changes of the spinal GABAergic cell population are controlled by the serotonin (5-HT) system: implication of 5-HT1 receptor family. Journal of Neuroscience (2005) 25:8714-8724. - Allain A-E, Baïri A, Meyrand P and Branchereau P. Expression of the glycinergic system during the course of the embryonic development in the mouse spinal cord and its co-localization with the GABA immunoreactivity. Journal of Comparative Neurology (2006) 496:832-846. - Delpy A, Allain A-E, Meyrand P and Branchereau P. NKCC1 inactivation underlies embryonic development of chloride-mediated inhibition in mouse spinal motoneuron. Journal of Physiology (2008) 586:1059-75. Cover illustration. - Bem T, Meyrand P, Branchereau P and Hallam J. Multi-stability and pattern-selection in oscillatory networks with fast inhibition and electrical synapses. PLoS ONE. (2008) 3(11):e3830. - Scain A-L, Le-Corronc H, Allain A-E, Muller E, Rigo J-M, Meyrand P, Branchereau P*, Legendre P*. Glycine release from radial cells modulates the spontaneous activity and its propagation during early spinal cord development. Journal of Neuroscience (2010) 30, 390-403. Cover illustration. *Co-corresponding authors. - Allain A-E, Segu L, Delpy A, Meyrand P and Branchereau P. Serotonin controls the maturation of the GABA phenotype in ventral spinal interneurons via the 5-HT1B receptors. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences* (2010) 1198, 208-219.

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