Fabio Francini

University of Florence, Italy

The scientific research concerned electrophysiological studies on different cell type. Excitation-contraction (EC) coupling process by evaluating intramembrane charge movements and L-type Ca2+ current in single skeletal muscle fibres from normal or denervate animals. The research field from 2000 was extended to electrophysiological researches on ionic channels activated by voltage and stretch (Stretch activated channel, SAC) and chemicals in smooth muscles and in denervated skeletal muscles, in myoblasts, cardiomyocytes, staminal and mesenchymal cells. In these researches it was evaluated the differentiation processes operated by growth factor (sphyngosine 1-phophate, relaxin, tiroxin hormon), elocalcitol, relaxin,…, by differentiation medium composition and by cocultures of different cell lines. It was found that staminal and mesenchymal cells may differentiate in different phenotype cell line and that the cytoskeleton is involved in regulating cell differentiation and ionic channel expression. Bibliography -Sassoli C, Formigli L, Bini F, Tani A, Squecco R, Battistini C, Zecchi-Orlandini S, Francini F, Meacci E. Effects of S1P on skeletal muscle repair/regeneration during eccentric contraction J Cell Mol Med. 2011 Nov;15(11):2498-511 -Nistri S, Pini A, Sassoli C, Squecco R, Francini F, Formigli L, Bani D (2011) Relaxin promotes growth and maturation of mouse neonatal cardiomyocytes in vitro: clues for cardiac regeneration. J Cell Mol Med. 2011 Nov;15(11):2498-511. -Squecco R, Garella R, Luciani G, Francini F, Baccari MC. (2011) Muscular effects of orexin A on the mouse duodenum: mechanical and electrophysiological studies. J Physiol. 589(21):5231-46.

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