Salvador Martinez

Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche, Spain

Salvador Martinez MD PhD Birth date: 25 December 1961 Professor of Neuroanatomy, MD PhD Graduate in Medicine 1985 (MD Graduation Special Award) PhD in Medicina 1987 (PhD Special Award) 1988-1990: Postdoc in INSERM 106. Hop. Salpetriere. Paris. 1994-1996: Postdoc in Neurogenetis Lab. LPPI. UCSF. USA 1991-2003: Associate Professor Human Anatomy 2003-present. Professor Human Anatomy and Embryology 2000-present: Group Leader of Experimental embryology and Neurogenetics. IN-UMH.CSIC. Alicante. 2005-present professor in the Ecole Doctorale du Institute Pasteur et Ecole Normale Superieur (Paris-France) Research interest: NEUROEMBRYOLOGY Our lab is interested in the study of the molecular and the cellular mechanisms that underlay neural regionalization, generation of cell diversity and the process of cell migration in the chick and mouse developing brain Experimental embryology and molecular techniques are used to study the development of morphogenetically active regions, secondary organizers that control neurohistogenesis of neighbouring neuroepithelial domains by planar inductive events. CLINICAL NEUROGENETICS Patients with cortical migratory alterations (lissencephalic sequence) and other functional alterations with a possible structural relation to neuronal migration in the cortex are studied with molecular genetics and DNS diagnosis. Detection of mutations in genes related to neuronal migration are analyzed in functional psychosis, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. STEM CELL RESEARCH We are interested in discover new therapeutic approaches for neurodegenerative diseases. Our approach in the study of neurotropic properties of adult stem cells and its potential benefits in human neurodegenerative motor diseases such are ALS and ataxia.

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