Élisabeth Lojou

Institut de Microbiologie de la Méditerranée, France

Current position: Senior Researcher, C.N.R.S. http://bip.cnrs-mrs.fr/bip01/index.htm Laboratoire de Bioénergétique et Ingénierie des Protéines (BIP) – 31 chemin Joseph Aiguier - 13009 Marseille France Main research topics: Electrodes modifications for direct and mediated electron transfer on redox enzymes. Biofuel cells development. http://www.lojou.fr/biopac/ As an electrochemist, my topics have evolved from an industrial research devoted to the development of new liquid cathodes for high power lithium cells to more fundamental queries concerning the electron transfer within biological macromolecules. My current interest focuses on the functional immobilization of enzymes from extremophilic bacteria onto electrodes. I achieved an expertise in modifications of electrodes and construction of supramolecular architectures, mimicking protein environments, including physiological partner or membrane, or offering a host matrix. The main objective is to control the electron transfer process between proteins and electrodes from direct to mediated electron transfer through a control of the orientation of the protein at the electrode. I especially develop new electrochemical interfaces for efficient enzymatic reactions, including catalytic reduction of metals by cytochromes and catalytic oxidation of H2 by hydrogenases in view of the development of H2/O2 biofuel cells.

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