Amar Hamed

University of Eastern Finland, Finland


Amar Hamed received her Ph.D. degree in physics and mathematics from the University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland, in 2010. Currently, she is granted a Postdoctoral Fellowship Researcher position at the Applied Physics Department at the University of Eastern Finland. In addition, Hamed has a joint appointment in the Applied Physics Department, University of Eastern Finland, and the Physics Department, LeibnizInstitute for Troposphere Research, Leipzig, Germany. Hamed's main research interests include nucleation of atmospheric aerosols, new particle formation, and aerosol-cloud-climate interactions—the means by which aerosol particles form in the atmosphere as well as their potential impacts on human health and climate. She is the project Leader of the Development of New Particle Formation Representations in Aerosol Climate Models Using the Systematic Data Analysis and Regional Modeling. Hamed has published 18 original articles, in addition to four submitted, in international peer-reviewed journals and over 60 conference papers; she is the author of a one-book chapter on air quality.

Biography Updated on 29 August 2012

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