Aref Jeribi

University of Sfax, Tunisia


My research focuses on mathematical analysis of equations kinetics (linear or nonlinear) from the theory of nuclear reactors (neutron) and biology as well as related topics of functional analysis (spectral theory, operator theory, Fredholm theory, ...). the theory kinetics for many years a growing field and nombreuxses ramifications: neutron, semiconductors, Aéronotique in rarefied atmosphere, plasma physics ... On the other hand, the kinetic theory in turn has motivated work with an interest notament own theory on semigroups. Since my university Habilitation (2002), my research has concerned the two axes indicated. Part of my work was done in collaboration, in particular, with many pupils that I have the opportunity to supervise PhD. I have published more than thirty-articles in journals mathematical principles (refereed). My research revolves around the following related topics: 1 - The spectral theory of kinetic equations. \ By 2 - The problem of evolution. 3 - The Fredholm theory. 4 - The operator theory. 5 - Spectrum Essentials. 6 - Operators matrix. 7 - unconditionnelle bases and Riesz bases. 8 - The Gribov theory in the space of Bargman. 9 - The theory of fixed point. 10 - The transport equations in population dynamics Zbl 1223.47006 Abdmouleh, Faiçal; Charfi, Salma; Jeribi, Aref On a characterization of the essential spectra of the sum and the product of two operators. (English) J. Math. Anal. Appl. 386, No. 1, 83-90 (2012). MSC2000: *47A10 47A53 Comment on this Item PDF MathML XML ASCII DVI PS BibTeX Online Ordering Article Journal

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