Terry Sloan

Lancaster University, United Kingdom

Terry Sloan was born in 1937. He is an Emeritus Professor, Lancaster University. In 1948–1955, he attended Hindley and Abram Grammar School. In 1955–1963, he was a student at Liverpool University. He received his Ph.D. degree in 1963. In 1963–1966, he was a Research Associate at University of Pennsylvania, USA. In 1966–2003, he was lecturer then a Professor of physics at Lancaster University and, in 1983–1988, a Spokesperson of EMC at CERN when he discovered EMC spin effect. Papers on this topic are among the most highly cited in experimental particle physics. Terry Sloan was awarded the Rutherford Medal of the Institute of Physics in 1992. In 1988–1995, he was a Member of ALEPH Collaboration at CERN. Since 1995, he is a Member of H1 Collaboration at DESY. His notable achievements are discovery that heavy quark photoproduction is mediated by photon-gluon fusion, investigation of the idea and implementation of the measurement of the EMC spin effect, and the discovery of shadowing in deep inelastic scattering, measurement of the branching ratio for b to s gamma decay. Currently, he is working to detect ultra-high energy neutrinos by an underwater hydrophone array and also trying to prove a connection between cosmic rays and global warming.

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