Ahmet Asan

Trakya University, Turkey

English Preparation School (1 Year) English :Hacettepe University (Ankara – Turkey): 1980 BSc Biology Hacettepe University 1984 MSc Microbiology Trakya University (Edirne - Turkey) 1987 PhD Microbiology Trakya University 1992. Some Courses Taught in university: General Microbiology, Food Microbiology, Atmospherical Microbiology, Mycology, Taxonomy and Ecology for Microfungi. Editor: Trakya University Journal of Science (2002-2004), Editorial Board Member in Journal of Basic Microbiology (Germany, since 2007), Turkish Journal of Botany (2001-2008), IUFS Journal of Biology (since 2008), The Journal of Fungus (since 2010). Some Selected publications: Okten S, Asan A. Airborne fungi and bacteria in indoor and outdoor environment of the Pediatric Unit of Edirne Government Hospital. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 184 (3) : 1739-1751, 2012. Asan A, Okten SS, Sen B. Airborne and soilborne microfungi in the vicinity Hamitabat Thermic Power Plant in Kirklareli City (Turkey), their seasonal distributions and relations with climatological factors. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 164 (1-4): 221-231, 2010. Asan A, Sen B, Sarica S. Airborne fungi in urban air of Edirne City (Turkey). Biologia. 57 (1): 59-68, 2002. Asan A, Ilhan S, Sen B, Potoglu-Erkara I, Filik C, Cabuk A, Demirel R, Ture M, Sarica-Okten S, Tokur S. Airborne fungi and Actinomycetes concentrations in the air of Eskisehir City (Turkey). Indoor and Built Environment. 13 (1): 63-74, 2004. Asan A, Kirgiz T, Sen B, Camur-Elipek B, Guner U, Guher H. Isolation, identification and seasonal distribution of airborne and waterborne fungi in Terkos Lake (Istanbul-Turkey). Journal of Basic Microbiology. 43 (2): 83-95, 2003. Sen B, Asan A. Airborne fungi in vegetable growing areas of Edirne city, Turkey. Aerobiologia. 17 (1): 69-75, 2001.

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