Maurizio Martino

Università del Salento, Italy

Maurizio Martino was born in Monteroni di Lecce, Italy on 24 December, 1962. He received the Physics degree, on 1986 at the University of Lecce, then the Ph.D. degree on 1992 at the University of Bari. He started his research activity in the Radiation Physics Laboratory at the Physics Department of the University of Lecce (now Università del Salento). From 31 December, 1993 to 31 Sebtember, 2001, he was a Researcher at the Physics Department, University of Lecce. From October, 2001, he served as an Associate Professor of matter physics of the Physics Department, Università del Salento (former University of Lecce). His research activity was mainly devoted to the laser-matter interaction and laser-induced nanostructures. His research activities during the years include laser synthesis of silicide; nitridation of metals and semiconductor by direct laser treatment; laser irradiation of magnetic multilayer as giant magneto resistance structures; pulsed laser deposition of thin films: TiN, Si3N4, H-Tc superconductor, CNx; pulsed laser deposition of optical and photonic thin films: ITO, AZO, SiO2; pulsed laser deposition of photonic glasses, undoped and doped with rare-earth ions (Pr, Er); matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation of biomaterials (BSA), polymers (PFO, PMMA, etc.), nanoparticles and nanorods (TiO2, SnO); PLD deposition of ZnO nanopyramids as gas sensors; Cr doped ITO films as electrodes in spintronic applications; LSMO films as electrodes in spintronic applications.

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