Rajesh H. Bahekar

Zydus Research Centre, India

Rajesh H. Bahekar is working as a General Manager at the New Drug Discovery Division of Zydus Research Centre, Ahmedabad, India, in medicinal chemistry. He received his B. pharm. and M. pharm degrees in medicinal chemistry from Nagpur University, Nagpur, India (1990–1996) and Ph.D. degree in heterocyclic chemistry from Kakatiya University, Warangal, India (1996–1999). Dr. Bahekar was a Postdoctoral Fellow (peptide synthesis group) at King’s College London, London, UK in 1999–2003. His areas of interest are the study of new therapeutic agents and drug targets, assessment of mechanism of action, target validation, proof of concept (POC), and design and synthesis of new therapeutic agents. At Zydus Research Centre, Dr. Bahekar is actively working on development of orally bioavailable peptidomimetics as new therapeutic agents. Key feature of his current research includes synthesis of suitable unnatural amino acids and thereby development of metabolically stable short-chain peptides. His research features assessment of interaction of endogenous peptides with its receptors, especially GPCRs, target validation, design and synthesis of NCEs, structure activity relationship (SAR) studies, lead identification, lead optimization, candidate profiling, and conducting IND enabling studies. Dr. Bahekar successfully filed several INDs in the field of metabolic disorders, and some of his IND candidates are in various stages of clinical developments (Phase-I/II). He participated in several national and international scientific meetings and his research work outlined above is documented in various scientific journals and patents.

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