Christian Gaiddon

CNRS-University of Strasbourg-INSERM, France


Christian Gaiddon was born in 1967 in Mulhouse (France). He got his Ph.D. degree in Strasbourg university (France) in 1997 on the role of mutated small G protein in neuroendocrine tumors and on the molecular mechanisms of BDNF neuroprotective activity. He then studied the p53 protein family during his Ph.D. study in Carol Prives's lab in Columbia University (New York) for 4 years. In 2001, he was hired by the CNRS as a Junior Research Associate in IPCB in Strasbourg to work on the p53 family in the nervous system. From 2006 to 2010, he served as a Senior Scientist Associate in the Department INSERM U692 (Strasbourg, France) and studied the molecular mechanisms of stress response in the nervous system. Since 2010, he serves as a Director of research and developed his group in the department INSERM U682 (Strasbourg, France). He is interested in the transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of the cellular response toward different stresses. He is linking his research to physiological and pathological contexts related to the digestive and neuronal systems, such as cancers, neurodegeneration, and chronic inflammation. He is focusing on several molecular mechanisms, including the p53 family, genes involved in the cellular identity and the polycomb proteins. He his also using his knowledge and findings to develop new therapeutic approaches. In particular, he is currently focusing on the characterization of the anticancer properties of several new organometallic compounds that target the cellular energy metabolism.

Biography Updated on 19 September 2011

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