Hong-Rui Sun

School of Mathematics and Statistics;Lanzhou University, China


Hong Rui Sun studied mathematics at Lanzhou University in Lanzhou, China from 1994 to 1998. In 1998, he graduated with an M.S. degree in computational mathematics from Lanzhou University, China, and in 2004, he obtained his Ph.D. degree in pure mathematics from Lanzhou University, China. His Ph.D. thesis is entitled “Boundary value problems for dynamic equations on measure chains,” advised by Professor Wan-Tong Li. His research areas include boundary value problems for dynamic equations on time scales, qualitative theory for nonlinear difference equations, and their applications. His research projects are funded by the Fundamental Research Fund for Physics and Mathematics of Lanzhou University (2006–2008) and China Postdoctoral Science Foundation. Since January 2004, he has been an Associate Professor at Lanzhou University. He was involved in many conferences such as The National Conference on Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China; International Conference on Difference Equations and Applications, Hunan University, Hunan, China; International Conference on Ordinary Differential Equations, Northwestern Normal University, Lanzhou, China; The 14th National Conference on Functional Analysis, Fudan University, Shanghai, China; the International Conference on Operator Theory and Applications, University of Science and Technology, Huangshan, China. His publications include “Multiple positive solutions for p-Laplaican m-point boundary value problems on time scales” and “Positive solutions for m-point boundary value problems on time scales.”

Biography Updated on 15 November 2009

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