Francesca CutruzzolĂ 

University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy


Francesca Cutruzzolà has a degree in biology and a Ph.D. degree in biochemistry. After working in the Laboratory of Biochemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ill , USA, and for shorter periods as a Visiting Scientist at the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland, the Department of Chemistry of the University of California, Davis, Calif, USA, and the Department of Chemistry of the Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands, she was enrolled by the University of Rome, Italy, as a Researcher and, in 2000, as an Associate Professor of biochemistry at the Faculty of Medicine. Her research involves the structure-function studies of metalloprotein by protein engineering, kinetics and crystallography. Her recent topics include NO metabolism and biofilm formation in human pathogens and modulation of reactivity in heme-globins. In particular, she has been interested in the reactivity of hemeproteins with NO and other radicals. Her research is ongoing on enzymes, transcription factors and gas-binding proteins from different sources. More recently, a new project was started on proteins involved in bacterial biofilm formation and in the metabolism of cyclic-diGMP, an important second messenger in bacteria. Moreover, she authored over 60 peer-reviewed manuscripts, several reviews, and book chapters. She is a Member of the INBB (an Italian university consortium) and of other national societies. In 2008, she was elected as a Member of the Accademia Medica Romana. She was invited to give lectures in international meetings such as the 2004 N-Cycle Meeting, the 2006 Harden Conference on Nitric Oxide, and the 2008 Biochemical Society Meeting on Transition Metals in Biochemistry.

Biography Updated on 25 January 2009

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