Marta Coll

Institute of Marine Science - Spanish National Research Council (ICM-CSIC), Spain

Dr Marta Coll is a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Marine Science (ICM-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain). She is currently working on the analysis of biodiversity changes on structural and functional properties of marine ecosystems under cumulative human stressors. Her interest focuses on describing changes on marine biodiversity and understanding how these have been translated into changes on ecosystem structure and functioning, and services to humans. To do so, she applies various ecological modelling tools using historical and fisheries data and combines it with laboratory experiments and field work data analysis. He got her PhD at the Autonomous Barcelona University in 2006 working on marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean Sea, mainly studying the ecosystem impacts of fishing by means of food-web modelling and trophodynamic indicators.

Biography Updated on 21 March 2011

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