Boniface Kokoh

Université de Poitiers, France

First name : K. Boniface - Last name: KOKOH, Age : 48 years old Grade : Professor, University of Poitiers Research: Tailoring of Pt-based and Au-based nanoparticles for electrocatalysis. Electrocatalytic transformation of carbohydrates and organic compounds issued from biomass. Keywords: Electrocatalysis; Electrosynthesis in aqueous medium; Valorization of biomass; Carbohydrates, Biofuel cells; Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells - 53 Publications, 2 proceedings, 2 chapters, 9 invited communications, 28 oral Communications, 23 posters et 6 seminars in international laboratories. Direction of Ph D of Thesis - 11 Former Graduate Students, 6 postdoc Students and 3 Current Students in 2010 5 Representative Publications: ? On the electrochemical reactivity of anomers: electrocatalytic oxidation of * and * D-glucose on Platinum electrodes in acid and basic media. F. Largeaud, K. B. Kokoh, B. Beden, C. Lamy, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 397 (1995) 261, ? Oxygen transport through laccase biocathodes for a membrane-less glucose/O2 biofuel cell, L. Brunel, J. Denele, K. Servat, K.B. Kokoh, C. Jolivalt, C. Innocent, M. Cretin, M. Rolland, S. Tingry, Electrochemistry Communications, 9 (2007) 331. ? Activity of gold-platinum alloys for glucose electrooxidation in biofuel cells, A. Habrioux, E. Sibert, K. Servat, W. Vogel, K. B. Kokoh, N. Alonso-Vante, The Journal of Physical Chemistry, B, 111 (2007) 10329. ? Concentric glucose/O2 biofuel cell, A. Habrioux, G. Merle, K. Servat, K.B. Kokoh, C. Innocent, M. Cretin, S. Tingry, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 622 (2008) 97 ? Structural and electrochemical studies of Au-Pt nanoalloys, Aurélien Habrioux, Walter Vogel, Maxime Guinel, Laure Guetaz, Karine Servat, Boniface Kokoh and Nicolas Alonso-Vante, Physical Chemistry & Chemical Physics11 (2009) 3573.

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