Witek Kwiatkowski

Salk Institute for Biological Studies, USA

In his 23 year-old career as a crystallographer Dr. Kwiatkowski was working with small molecules conducting experimental high resolution electron density studies and for the last 14 years he has been working with proteins and protein complexes with special interest in membrane-bound receptors and their signaling partners. He is a physicist-turned-biologist and He is interested in protein-protein interactions especially in biophysical characterization of proteins and protein complexes. Dr Kwiatkowski has also been working as an NMR spectroscopist mostly doing characterization and structural studies of membrane proteins. His expertize, however, is not limited to biophysical studies and he has been using molecular biology tools to create or modify vectors and express proteins in cell-free, bacteria, yeast, or cell culture systems. In his research, He has also employed many approaches from theoretical chemistry, including ab-intio and semi-empirical models to calculate desired properties of both small molecules and proteins.

Biography Updated on 20 June 2012

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