Cornelia M. Witthöft

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Cornelia M. WitthÖft serves as an Associate Professor and as a Senior Researcher and Lecturer at the Department of Food Science, Uppsala BioCenter, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Her research is dealing with water-soluble vitamins, in particular, folate, within the context of food and nutritional sciences. Her focus lies on the development of analytical methods for food composition research, studies on nutrient retention during food processing and the development of in vitro and in vivo models to determine nutrient bioavailability. Studies on nutrient absorption, metabolism, and physiological activity and the evaluation of suitable status parameters (biomarkers) have the aim to understand diet-health associations. Because of the multidisciplinary approach, the research is performed in collaboration with academia and industry in Nordic and European countries and beyond. She received an EC Marie Curie FAIR training and mobility grant and participated in the EU FLAIR Concerted Action number 10, the EU-SMT Intercomparison Studies for the Determination of Vitamins in Food, the EU 5th framework project “Folate: from Food to Functionality and Optimal Health” and the EU 6th framework project “The European Food Information Resource Network EuroFIR.“ She is currently involved in the 7th Framework Project EuroFIR Nexus and EuroFIR AISBL. She serves as the Chair of the Folate Expert Group of the ongoing revision of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations under the frame of the Nordic Council of Ministers. She serves as a Member of the Swedish Nutrition Foundation (SNF) and the European Nutrition Leadership Programme Alumni Association (ENPL-AA).

Biography Updated on 3 May 2012

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