Enrico Bergamaschi

University of Turin, Italy


Enrico Bergamaschi, holder of an M.D. degree and a Ph.D. degree, works as an Associate Professor of occupational medicine and industrial hygiene at the University of Parma Medical School, Parma, Italy. Since 1990, he is an investigator in several EU-funded research projects. His research activity has been carried out in the field of industrial and environmental toxicology and has been aimed at developing biomarkers of exposure, internal dose and early effects on critical organs (namely, central nervous system, lung, and kidney) and their application on groups of workers occupationally exposed to xenobiotics and in subgroups of general population exposed to VOCs and photochemical pollutants. The metabolism of many industrial chemicals has been investigated by applying hyphenated techniques to better understand the main metabolic pathways relevant for setting up consistent exposure biomarkers. The role of genetic polymorphism of xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes on the variability in the internal dose and effects has been investigated. Since 2005, Bergamaschi has carried out studies on the interactions of nanomaterials with biological systems as Scientific Coordinator of the Italian project Interaction of Novel Nanoparticulate Materials with Biological Systems: Testing Models for Human Health Risk Assessment aimed at validating a battery of in vitro assays enabling routine measurements, in various cell models, of representative effects following nanoparticles exposure. Bergamaschi is a Member of the National Committee for the Occupational Safety of Nanomaterials, Ministry of Health (2008) and Research Collaborator in the EU-funded projects (1) The Reactivity and Toxicity of Engineered Nanoparticles: Risks to the Environment and Human Health-NanoReTox and (2) Reference Methods for Managing the Risk of Engineered Nanoparticles– MARINA-WP9 “Human Toxicology.” He is the author/coauthor of 230 publications and 84 full papers in peer-reviewed international journals (IF of > 280.0 and h-index of 20.0).

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