Tarek Ibrahim

University of Alexandria, Egypt

Tarek Ibrahim received his B.S. degree in physics in 1985 from the Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, Egypt. In 1995, he received his M.S. degree and his Ph.D. degree in 1998 from Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA under the supervision of Professor Pran Nath. In his Ph.D. thesis, he investigated CP violating effects in N=1 supergravity unification models of particle physics. He continued working on these topics during his postdoctoral work (1998-2010) at the University of Northeastern in Pran Nath group. He was awarded the Shoman Prize in Physics, an Arab world level prize, received from Jordan for the year 2000. He received the University of Alexandria Award in physics in 2001. He was awarded the State of Egypt Prize in physical sciences from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology for the year 2001. His principal area of research is the phenomenology of N = 1 supersymmetric theories. Within this supersymmetric framework several topics have been explored. These include explicit CP and T violations arising as a consequence of large phases from the complex couplings in the soft supersymmetry breaking sector of supergravity. Implications of these for a wide range of SUSY phenomenology were investigated. These include the electric dipole moments of the electron, the muon and the neutron, direct detection and density of dark matter, anomalous magnetic moment of muon, proton lifetime, Higgs masses and mixings, decay of B0 mesons, squark decays, neutral and charged Higgs couplings, and decays and radiative corrections of third generation fermions masses.

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