Angela Book

Brock University, Canada

Dr. Angela Book is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at Brock University (St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada) where she conducts research and teaches courses relating to forensic psychology. She received her graduate degrees (Master of Arts and Ph.D) in Psychology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario where she studied psychopathy and its correlates within federal correctional facilities. Her graduate research included studies on dynamic risk prediction, examining psychopathy from an evolutionary standpoint, and looking at psychopaths as social predators. With regard to the latter, her studies with inmates have shown that psychopathic traits are associated with an increased ability to judge vulnerability in others, even with minimal information. More specifically, inmates were asked to watch a short video of an interaction between two people and rate the assertiveness of the target. Psychopathic traits were significantly positively correlated with accuracy in these judgments, and led to her current interest in psychopaths as social predators. She is currently conducting research examining psychopathy and its’ relationship with a number of variables that relate directly to victim selection. These variables include emotion perception, successful deception/manipulation, and accuracy in judging vulnerability to victimization. Current Research Interests: • Psychopathy and victim selection • Psychopathy and feigned social emotions • Psychopathy in youth • Psychopathy and risk for recidivism • Psychopathy and bullying in adolescents • Psychopathy and the experience of fear • Bullying from an evolutionary standpoint

Biography Updated on 21 May 2012

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