Gerard Faria

TeamCast, France


Gerard Faria is the Executive Director and cofounder of TeamCast in Rennes, France. He graduated in 1978 from the Technical University of Paris VI, France. In his previous professional life, he was one of the ITIS company founders where he managed the ITIS R&D engineers team, conceived most of the company’s DAB and DVB products and participated to major European Collaborative Research projects working on digital radio and digital TV broadcasting systems (VALIDATE, MOTIVATE, iTTi, Witness, MCP, IM4DTTV). In 2003 he founded the TeamCast Company which aims to be the preferred partner of the broadcast actors for digital broadcasting technologies. Since 2003, Gerard Faria is involved in several European Collaborative Research projects related to terrestrial digital broadcast technologies. After the successful completion of the Eureka/Celtic WING-TV project (i.e. validation of the DVB-H transmission system), Gerard Faria coordinate a large consortium of 35 European companies and academies which will work from 2007 to 2009 on Broadcast for the 21st Century (Eureka/Celtic B21C) embracing DVB-H/DVB-SH and DVB-T2 technologies. As member of the DVB forum, Gerard Farid participated actively to the DVB technical works and more precisely, he wrote the DVB-H physical layer specifications [ETSI EN 300 744 v1.5.1 (2004-06)], coordinated the DVB-H validation task force work and produced its report [ETSI TR 102 401 v1.1.1, 2005-2006]. Gerard Farid is the company’s representative for the international conferences, technical seminars, and international forums driving the terrestrial digital broadcast technologies.

Biography Updated on 30 October 2007

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