Nils Milman

Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Obstetrics, Næstved HospitalUniversity of Copenhagen, Denmark

Nils Milman received his M.D. degree from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and postgraduate education at the university hospitals in Copenhagen in internal medicine (nephrology, haematology, infectious diseases, pulmonology, allergology). He is board certified in internal medicine, pulmonology, and allergology. He is a Senior Consultant at the Department of Pulmonary Medicine and Allergology, Naestved Hospital, Naestved; a Senior Consultant at The Heart Center, Division of Lung Transplantation, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen; a Senior Consultant at the Departments of Clinical Biochemistry and Obstetrics, Naestved Hospital; an an Associate Professor in internal medicine and pulmonology, University of Copenhagen. Moreover, he organized and taught pre- and postgraduate courses in pulmonology and bronchoscopy and performed courses and lectures in human iron metabolism for health personnel including pharmaceutics, nurses, general practitioners, and medical doctors. In addition, he has participated in most international BIOIRON meetings and European Iron Club Meetings. He has more than 30 years being engaged in studies of human iron metabolism in specific organ disorders and epidemiologic population surveys of iron status in various populations. Milman has published nearly 40 reviews and state-of-the-art papers and more than 200 original articles in peer-reviewed journals, of which more than 100 papers deal with different aspects of human iron metabolism, including both iron deficiency and iron overload. He authored sections on iron nutrition in Danish public health nutrition reports. In recent years, he focused on investigations on iron status during pregnancy and postpartum and published papers on normal haematology parameters during pregnancy. He performed placebo-controlled iron supplementation studies in pregnancy, which have lead to evidence-based guidelines for iron prophylaxis implemented by the Danish National Board of Health. He lectured at international meetings on the prophylaxis and treatment of iron deficiency in pregnancy and postpartum.

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