Vincenzo Longo

National Research Council, Italy


Present Position: Researcher and Responsible of the Pisa Section of I. B. B. A, Institute of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology, National Research Council. Via Moruzzi, 1, 56124 Pisa , Italy Areas of interest and expertise: ? Biochemical studies of the drug metabolizing enzymes in mammals. In particular it was studied the expression and the molecular regulation of various cytochrome P450 isoforms and of phase 2 enzymes; ? Metabolism of drugs and other xenobiotics: characterization of the enzymes involved in the biotransformation, studies of kinetic parameters; ? Effect of xenobiotics and in particular of natural chemicals present in plants and in food on the drug metabolizing enzymes and on the antioxidant enzymes by using in vitro and in vivo models; ? Purification and characterization of cytochrome P450 isoforms from different mammals; ? Studies on the xenobiotic metabolism – at the genotype and phenotype level – and on the mechanisms of oxidative protection of biological systems; ? Study on the drug metabolizing enzymes as useful environmental biomarkers; ? Drug metabolizing enzymes and antioxidant enzymes in fungi and bacteria; ? Role of natural antioxidant molecules present in plants and food in the prevention of oxidative stress reactions. Publications and Seminaries He has published more than 180 papers (80 full papers and 100 between short communication, abstracts and others in National Journals). He was invited to give lectures in different Conferences related to the above research areas. He has organised some meetings on the above scientific areas.

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