Elizabeth A. Carter

University of Sydney, Australia

Elizabeth A. Carter obtained the B.S. degree with honors at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. Carter then undertook a Ph.D. degree (1992–1997) with Prof. Peter Fredericks at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. My Ph.D. thesis topic was ?Using vibrational spectroscopy to characterize untreated and treated wool." This research was funded in part by the Division of Wool Technology at CSIRO. In late 1987 Carter took up a Postdoctoral position joint with the Schools of Pharmacy and Chemistry at the University of Bradford with Profs. Brian Barry and Howell G. M. Edwards. The project was to use spectroscopic techniques to investigate how penetration enhancers, such as DMSO, interacted with stratum corneum, the outermost layer of skin. In 2000, Carter returned to Australia to work with A/Prof. Robert Armstrong at the University of Sydney using Raman spectroscopy to investigate fullerenes and their derivatives. The Postdoc position morphed into a full-time position as a Professional Officer looking after four spectrometers within the Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility, one of five research facilities of the School of Chemistry at The University of Sydney. Carter is responsible for the training of over 70 staff and students every year and the maintenance of the nine research grade instruments that are currently within the Facility. He has been fortunate to assist a number of users with a wide variety of projects, and this has strongly influenced his own research. My areas of interest are also very varied and include natural glasses (obsidian, tektites, and fulgurites), the characterization of healthy and diseased biological cells and tissues, and analysis of archeological materials (ceramics, textiles, pigments, and manuscripts).

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