Marc Weissburg

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Marc Weissburg received his B.S. degree from the University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, Calif, USA and continued to be fascinated by marine organisms through his Ph.D. degree, awarded in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of New York at Stony Brook, NY, USA in 1990. He is currently a Professor of biology at Georgia Tech. His laboratory focuses on the sensory ecology of marine invertebrates that rely on the perception of fluid mechanical and chemical cues to find mates, food, and avoid predators. Using multidisciplinary approaches, his lab investigates the 4 basic elements in the sequence events from signal generation to behavioral response. These elements are how signals are transmitted by the physical environment, how animal sensory systems are constructed in order to extract information from these signals, the behavioral strategies that comprise the response to these signals, and the effects of sensory abilities on ecological interactions such as predation or mating. He has a continuing, but presently nonfatal, attachment to biologically inspired design.

Biography Updated on 20 March 2011

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