Miquel Torrent-Sucarrat

Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU), Spain

Miquel Torrent-Sucarrat obtained a degree in chemistry in July 2000. In January 2001, he started his Ph.D. degree, supervised by Professor Miquel Solà and Dr. Josep M. Luis, in the Institut de Química Computacional (IQC) of the University of Girona, Girona, Spain, working on the maximum hardness principle, the minimum polarizability principle, and nonlinear optical properties. He became a doctor in June of 2004 with Excellent Cum Laude. In October 2005, he became a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Brussels, Belgium. The first 15 months were financed by a postdoctoral grant from the Spanish Government. He was awarded with a Marie Curie Intra-European Individual Fellowship, and in January 2007, he started a second postdoctoral stay in the VUB. The main goal of his postdoctoral stay was to develop a conceptual DFT program to calculate global and local hardness from the Fukui function and the hardness kernel. Among the obtained results, it is worth noting the discovery that the traditional picture of the well-known and broadly used local softness and local hardness reactivity indices is incorrect. In 2009, he was contracted as CSIC Researcher in practice (JAE-DOC 2008) in the IQAC-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain. Along this period of time, he was awarded with a Marie Curie Reintegration Grant from the European Community. Nowadays, he is doing a postdoctoral stay of six months in the IQC-UdG. In the last three years and half, he has been working in two different lines of research. The first topic is the theoretical study of the chemistry of earth atmosphere, especially focused on the reactivity of hydroxyl and hydroperoxyl radicals and on the effect of water vapor in atmospheric reactions. The second research line deals with the computational study of the reaction mechanism of the Hückel-to-Möbius topological switches and the evaluation of its potential as optical switches with high NLOP.

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