Philippos Patsalis

Institute of Neurology and Genetics, Cyprus


Philippos C. Patsalis serves as the Chief Executive Medical Director of The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, Nicosia, Cyprus since 2007 and the Director and Professor of the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine since 2011. During the period 1982-1993 he received his B.S. degree in biology from the Aristotelion University of Salonica, Greece, M.A. degree and M.P.H. degree in biology, and Ph.D. degree in cytogenetics and molecular genetics from the City University of New York, NY, USA. The areas of his expertise include cytogenetics, human genetics, genomics, and embryology. Prof. Patsalis received a Certificate of Qualification as Laboratory Director, in 1998, from the Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program, New York State Department of Health, NY, USA in the areas of cytogenetics (prenatal, postnatal, and cancer cytogenetics) and genetic testing (molecular genetics). He has also been certified by the American Board of Bioanalysis as High Complexity Clinical Laboratory Director (HCLD) since 2003 in the areas of high complexity clinical laboratory testing and as Embryology Laboratory Director since 2003 in the area of embryology. Prof. Patsalis holds one patent, and he published seven books and more than 80 peer-review publications in international journals. He received more than 20 competitive research grants. He is on the editorial board of the journals: BMC Medical Genomics and Molecular Cytogenetics. He is a national representative in the European Union for many programmes. He served as a member of the board of several scientific organisations such as the Cyprus Society of Human Genetics, the European Cytogenetic Association, the European Society of Human Genetics, etc. He has been honored with several national and international scientific awards.

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