Narottam P. Bansal


Narottam P. Bansal is a Senior Research Scientist in the Ceramics Branch, Structures and Materials Division, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. After receiving his Ph.D. degree in 1973, he held postdoctoral research assignments in Canada and USA. He has carried out research in a number of areas: solid oxide fuel cells, thermal and environmental barrier coatings, fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composites for high-temperature structural applications in turbine engines, high-temperature superconductors, sol-gel and combustion processing, refractory glass ceramics, kinetics of phase transformations, IR-transmitting materials, electroanalytical techniques, and ionic diffusion in melts. Bansal is a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society. He is recipient of several awards including NASA’s Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievements, two R&D 100 Awards, Turning Goals into Reality Award, and Hind Rattan Award. He has also received numerous Innovative Technology Development Awards and Space Act Awards from NASA, and his biography has been included in more than 30 Who’s Who compilations. So far, he has organized more than 40 international symposia and edited 31 conference proceedings. He is author/coauthor of 4 books and more than 235 publications including 6 invited book chapters, 3 review articles, 8 NASA Tech Briefs, and research papers. He has been awarded seven US patents, so far. Dr. Bansal has been a Member of the Technical Committees of International Commission on Glass and International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. He has also served on the advisory boards of a number of international conferences and scientific journals.

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