Iltcho M. Angelov

Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Iltcho Angelov, Born: Bulgaria, MSc. in Electronics (Honours) 1969, PhD. in Physics and Mathematics from Moscow State Univ. 1973. From 1969-1991 he was with Inst. Electronics, Bulgarian Acad. Sciences( IE BAS) Sofia as Researcher, Res. Prof. (1982) and Head of Dep. Microwave Solid State Devices (1982). Since 1992 he is with Chalmers Univ., Göteborg, Sweden as a Research Prof. As a researcher at IE BAS he worked with various microwave devices: Impatt, Gunn, BJT, FET, low noise & power amp., multipliers, oscillators, synchronization &phase modulation, together with the team from IE designed transmitting equipment for space applications and low noise receivers for the earth terminal to receive these signals. At Chalmers his main activity is related to FET modeling and recently HBT. Another area of interest is cryogenic amplifiers, nonlinear circuits: HEMT mixers, multipliers, oscillators, frequency dividers, low noise receivers up to 220 GHz. He derived and implemented LS FET model and evaluated together with other researchers from Chalmers. Later, modified the model equations to improve the global fit, extended with self-heating, breakdown models. Together with CAD companies implemented the model in CAD tools. He made the ETM -hybrid between Empirical and Table Models and evaluated for FET and HBT.

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